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A short note on the tools used to construct this site can be found here.


Maldini is a citation and bibliography plugin for Nesta. It allows citations and reference lists to be automatically generated from BibTeX files, using a syntax analogous to the commands used for the same purpose in LaTeX. For more information, see here.


  • My BibTeX bibliography is available here.
  • A simple Applescript to transform DOI fields to URL fields for a selected BibDesk entry is available here (place it in ~/Library/Application Support/BibDesk/Scripts to make it available in the BibDesk Scripts menu).


I use TextMate for editing, LaTeX for typesetting, BibDesk for bibliography management, biblatex for bibliographic typesetting, and Git for version control.


Other things I find useful:

  1. Maldini

    Maldini is a plugin for Nesta to generate citations and reference lists from BibTeX files.

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