Spring 2012

From Descarte's The World

Descartes explains how the eyes can focus on a nearby object. From Stephen Gaukroger (Ed), The World and Other Writings, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2004, p. 158.


This is a graduate reading course on philosophy of perception, with a focus on the contents of perception. Please contact me if you would like to participate. Independent study forms can now be filled out online. The reading list will evolve as the course progresses. A BibTeX file containing all the references below can be found here. Unless otherwise advertised, we meet in the Lewis White Beck Memorial Library at 2pm–4pm.


Thursday 19 January

Thursday 26 January

Thursday 2 February

Thursday 9 February, 1pm–3pm

Thursday 16 February

Thursday 23 February

Thursday 1 March

Thursday 8 March

Thursday 22 March

Tuesday 27 March

Thursday 12 April

Thursday 19 April

Thursday 26 April

Thursday 3 May

Candidate Readings