Darwin and Religion Teaching Resources

  Charles Darwin, Diagram of Divergence of

Part of Darwin's “Diagram of Divergence of Taxa”, the only diagram in On The Origin of Species. For the full diagram see here.


This is a collection of multimedia resources on the history and philosophy of the interaction between science and religion, with a particular focus on Darwin. They are primarily designed to be a resource for a class on these topics, for example the one I teach with the evolutionary biologist H. Allen Orr (see syllabus from 2010, 2012, 2013). Please contact me with suggestions or broken links.


History of Science and Religion

The Conflict Thesis

Middle Ages



History of Biology

Joseph Hooker

Natural Theology



Contemporary Evolutionary Theory

The Present and Future State of Evolutionary Theory

The Evolution of Complexity

Evolutionary Contingency

Philosophy of Biology

Design Arguments

Evolutionary Explanations of Belief

Ethics and Evolution

Evolution and the Problem of Evil

Evolution and Naturalism